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Executives and decision makers often need information to chronicle the past, describe current circumstances and anticipate the future. The data needed is often scattered or in silos, inconsistent and unusable. This is often a result of a company making organizational changes, strategic acquisitions, legacy system modernization, or not having the right system in place. When a company uses multiple and inconsistent versions of data in different parts of their operations, they have trouble finding a complete view and struggle when it comes to planning future initiatives. Often executives receive multiple, conflicting information or information that is based on incomplete assumptions about the types of analysis required.


MXWIT provides a complete Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence methodology which streamlines the process of accessing, transforming, cleansing and integrating data through:

Data Governancecreate strategies, policies, standards, guidelines and procedures required to manage and ensure data availability, accessibility, quality, consistency and security.

Data Consolidation
create a single version of the truth to ensure the data consistence, reliability and quality.

Data Migration -
reduce the costs of data migration by automating processes, improving internal collaboration and incorporating proven best practices.

Data Quality
provide the best in class data transformation and data quality processes to ensure correct data to everyone in the organization.

Data Synchronization
provide synchronization of all operational and transactional systems with high-quality data in batch or in real-time.

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